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Carrot & Stick

E-commerce website redesign optimized for conversion and increasing average order value while staying elegant & beautiful.

  • UX Design
  • UI Motion
  • Visual Design
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Design System
  • Launch Support
  • Prototyping

Carrot & Stink needed a new website design that reflected the elegance and beauty of their rebrand initiative while keeping close attention to conversion performance.

During our engagement, we redesigned all of their page templates as well as create new direct-to-consumer components aimed towards increasing AOV (average order value) and CVR (conversion rate).

Product Listing Page

Meticulous optimization for mobile users

Data showed that a majority of the visits were from mobile so we took extra measures to ensure usability and DTC optimizations were perfected throughout all of the templates and screens across mobile as well.

Increasing average order value through bundling

Throughout the shopping experience, we offer the convenience of purchasing products in a bundle for a discount.

To make this as seamless as possible, we created a user-friendly interface that enables shoppers to effortlessly create their own custom bundle with the products they desire.

“I’m really pleased I decided to collaborate with you. You’re very skilled and hard working and have earned my trust. You are the real deal 😀. I will be recommending you to a few people. Please stick around, we will need you as a consultant over the next few months. ”


“The designs are looking fantastic. You have really brought the whole thing into 2022, with a more responsive design and feel to everything.”

Donjiro Ban
Creative Director, Carrot & Stick

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