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Fekkai, Domani Studios

Complete website redesign to attract the luxury audience

  • Branding
  • UX Design
  • Visual Design
  • Design System
  • UI Motion
  • Prototyping

Fekkai is a hair care brand that offers premium products and salon services.

With the introduction of their new luxury hair line, The One, Fekkai recognized the need to reposition their brand and website to target a more affluent customer base. This required a significant shift in their marketing strategy, with an emphasis on luxury and sophistication over casual appeal.

The old website did not accurately convey the brand's high-end image, making it challenging to attract luxury customers. Our challenge was to design a website that not only looked luxurious and modern but also provided a smooth user experience that made it easy for customers to find the products they were looking for.

Product Listing Page

As Fekkai sought to reposition themselves as a luxury brand, their website had to reflect this new image in every way. This meant prioritizing high-quality brand assets and ensuring that the website design highlighted them effectively.

From the product photography to the website layout, every element had to come together seamlessly to create a truly luxurious online shopping experience for Fekkai's customers.

Product Detail Page
Blog Article

Throughout the design process, we were mindful of the need to create a scalable, flexible design system that Fekkai could build upon in the future.

By taking a systematic approach to all of the components (i.e. buttons, icons, photography, typography etc.), we were able to create a cohesive design language that could be extended to future pages and products while maintaining the new luxury energy.

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