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Redesigning Wish's loyalty program for its 30 million monthly active users

  • Product Strategy
  • UX Design
  • Visual Design
  • Design System
  • UI Motion
  • Prototyping

Wish is a leading global e-commerce platform, connecting buyers with cost-effective goods sourced from across the globe.

However, their loyalty program was outdated, failed to foster customer engagement, and did not encourage repeat purchases.

Creating the right incentive structures

To ensure continued growth, Wish needs to maintain high levels of user activity and return customers. Knowing that Wish's target demographic is budget-conscious, Jae Yoon Studio honed into offering users opportunities to save even more money through increased engagement.

By introducing this gamification umbrella over the Wish shopping experience, we can incentivize users to interact with Wish while simultaneously earning valuable savings.

To incentivize users to continue returning to Wish, we proposed a tiered status approach that would reward the consistency of engagement. This incentive structure would encourage users to keep coming back even after their first purchase.

Our analysis included a detailed evaluation of the specific rewards that could be used to incentivize user activity, which involved a careful review of all the existing reward mechanisms offered by Wish, such as Wish Cash.

“Jae was amazing to work with. We worked on many new concepts and I was always very impressed by his craft and great eye for design. For any small startups or smaller companies , if you are looking to hire a designer to help you with concepts, you just need one or two strong designers like Jae Yoon. I highly recommend Jae.”

Jan Sundar
Director of Product Design, Wish

“Jae played a critical role in several redesign initiatives, where he skillfully translated business and user goals into beautifully executed design concepts. His exceptional visual & motion work was a constant source of inspiration for the entire team.”

Yiran Ma
Senior Designer, Wish

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